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WOW S1GNΛL M0v1e and Panel d1scuss10n

Wow Signal Movie


After 5pm today, tickets will be available first come, first serve at the venue.

Join us as we present a free screening of the WOW S1GNΛL movie!

On a late summer evening in 1977, Ohio radio astronomers discovered a strong, interstellar signal that is believed by many to be the best evidence of communication from an extraterrestrial civilization. Famously known as the ‘Wow! Signal’, its origins remain a mystery, and continue to intrigue. In today’s ongoing search for extraterrestrial intelligence, there are those who think the Wow! Signal is the real thing, while others feel that actual evidence of intelligent life beyond our own is not within our grasp.

The film will be presented free of charge, followed by a panel Q&A session including:

  • Bob Dawson and Mike Shaw - Producers
  • Karen O'Neil - GBO Director
  • Mike Holstine - GBO Business Manager
  • Deana White, Daryl White, Ellie White and Josh White - GO! GBO founders

Where: WVSU Capitol Center Theater, 123 Summers St, Charleston, WV

When: Thursday, January 4. Movie at 7pm, panel Q&A immediately following the film

Raffle: Following the film showing there will be a raffle of a homemade, scientist doll and some excellent Green Bank Observatory "swag".

View the Trailer Now

Movie Web site: www.wowsignalmovie.com

GO! GBO Web site: gogreenbankobservatory.org

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.