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Use these links to learn about proposing on the Green Bank Telescope:

Proposers requesting GBT participation in High Sensitivity Array (HSA), Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA), or Global Millimeter Very Long Baseline Interferometry (GMVA) observations should consult the VLBA [6], HSA [7], and GMVA [8] Proposal Call.

Quick Links

Most Recent Proposal Call [9] – The most recent call for proposals for the Green Bank Telescope (scheduled for release at 13:00, 30 June, 2017)
GBT Proposer’s Guide [10]
Proposal Submission Tool [11] (requires CAS Login credentials)
Sensitivity Calculator [12] (requires CAS Login credentials)
Mapping Calculator [5]
Proposal Review and Time Allocation Process [13]
Past Proposal Calls [14]