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2022A Approved Science Program

A total of 71 proposals requesting NSF funded “open skies” time were submitted to the Green Bank Observatory’s Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT) for the August 2, 2021 semester 22A deadline . The table below summarizes the approved observing programs. Listed are the PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours approved and proposal type (Regular, Triggered, Large or External). Proposals from previous semesters that were awarded time in the 22A semester are included. The table also includes HSA and GMVA proposals that were awarded time on the GBT as a VLBI station as well as proposal accepted via external agreements with CHANDRA, Hubble Space Telescope, FERMI, SOFIA, Swift, and XMM.

For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its author, title, abstract and total approved hours.

A description of the Time Allocation Committee report for 22A can be found here.

Approved Observing Programs

Archibald, AnneGBT22A-358Continued Timing of a Millisecond Pulsar in a Stellar Triple System50Regular
Baczko, Anne-KathrinGMVA21A-233Resolving the twin-jet base in NGC 105233Regular
Bastian, TimGBT22A-360Probing the Inner Heliosphere with Pulsars: a Pilot Study10Regular
Bolatto, AlbertoGBT21B-024GBT EDGE: A Representative Survey of the z=0 Universe with Full IFU Spectroscopy300Large
Burkhardt, AndrewGBT22A-367Mapping the spatial distribution of CN in TMC-1-Constraining GOTHAM source sizes16Regular
Butterfield, NatalieGBT22A-323Investigating the Star Forming Potential of the Galactic Bar Dust Lanes22.5Regular
Cameron, AndrewGBT22A-118Continued observations of an eccentric, relativistic binary pulsar.57Regular
Chen, JialiangGBT22A-153A supplementary observation on NH3 and 15NH3 to measure 14N/15N isotope ratios10Regular
Choudhury, SpandanGBT22A-275Expanding the transition to coherence18Regular
Corcoran, KyleGBT22A-355Radio Searches for Four Candidate Spider Binaries5Regular
Dai, ShiGBT22A-139Monitoring the active repeater FRB 19052012Regular
Di Mascolo, LucaGBT22A-029First High-Resolution SZ Study of a Potential Phoenix-like Galaxy Cluster21Regular
Di Mascolo, LucaGBT21B-206GBT/MUSTANG-2 view of the SZ signal from a cosmic train wreck33Regular
Di Teodoro, EnricoGBT22A-339Evidence for episodic gas ejection from the Galactic Centre?234Regular
Dupuis, ChristopherGBT22A-425Completing the GBT-COS-Dwarfs Survey22Regular
Federman, StevenGBT22A-110Multi-wavelength Study of Diffuse Atomic and Molecular Gas in the Galaxy44Regular
Fonseca, EmmanuelGBT22A-399Targeted Shapiro-delay Observations of Five NANOGrav Binary Pulsars20Regular
Ford, AlysonGBT22A-287A Survey of Extended HI Disks Around Nearby Galaxies54.5Regular
Ginsburg, AdamGBT22A-280Multi-scale Mass Measurement in Cygnus X combining MUSTANG with NOEMA6Regular
Gomez, Jose L.GMVA21B-162Imaging massive binary black hole candidate OJ287 with the GMVA+ALMA14Regular
Gorai, PrasantaGBT22A-398Exploring Carbon Chain Chemistry of Massive Protostars22Regular
Gupta, HarshalGBT21B-316Molecular Exploration of the Diffuse Interstellar mediUM (MEDIUM)285.75Large
Huang, JaneGBT21B-065Mapping the Delivery of Material to a Planet-forming Disk11.75Regular
Issaoun, SaraGMVA20B-269Sharpening the Source Model for Sgr A* with GMVA+ALMA10Regular
Johnson, BradleyGBT22A-067Searching for Axion Dark Matter in Andromeda Using the X-band Receiver and VEGAS10Regular
Kim, DongjinVLBA21B-033Unveiling the nature of a fueling flow in CygnusA10Regular
Kim, Jae-YoungGMVA20B-204First subparsec-scale imaging of the new TeV gamma-ray radio galaxy 3C 2648Regular
Kino, MotokiGMVA20B-066Ultra-deep imaging of the stratified jet base of Cygnus A15Regular
Koch, EricGBT21B-019Completion of Dense Gas Formation through a Spiral Arm12Regular
Kooi, JasonGBT22A-404Probing Fluctuations in the Solar Wind with Pulsars: a Pilot Study17Regular
Kramer, MichaelGBT21B-205Timing and General Relativity in the Double Pulsar System101Regular
Kulterer, BeatriceGBT22A-177Deuterated methanol with ARGUS in the prestellar core L154431Regular
Lam, MichaelGBT22A-359Searching for Short Timescale Mode Changes in the Millisecond Pulsar J1713+07474Regular
Lu, RusenGMVA20B-220Jet Meets Black Hole in M87: Breaking New Ground with GMVA+ALMA28Regular
Luo, GanGBT22A-228The Gigantic Cold HI Arc: A Massive Large-scale Dark Gas Filament?24Regular
Maan, YogeshGBT22A-062Transient radio emission from magnetars and connection with FRBs20Triggered
MacDonald, NicholasGMVA20B-145Disorder vs. Order: Discerning the nature of the magnetic field in PKS 1510-0895Regular
Margot, Jean-LucGBT22A-219A search for technosignatures around newly discovered exoplanets2Regular
Margot, Jean-LucGBT22A-242Venus Length-of-Day Variations and Atmospheric Dynamics3.75Regular
McEwen, AlexanderGBT22A-053Follow-up of New Double Neutron Star Candidate from the Cygnus 820 MHz Survey12Regular
McGuire, BrettGBT21B-210The GOTHAM Project – A New Window on Aromatic Chemistry492Large
McKean, JohnVLBA21B-289Resolving the nature of quasar flux-ratio anomalies in gravitational lenses60Regular
Parent, EmilieGBT21B-261Completion of the GBT All-Sky 350-MHz Pulsar Survey (GBNCC)312Large
Park, JonghoGMVA21B-078Is shear acceleration at work in the jets of NGC 315?12Regular
Perez, KarenGBT22A-354J0212.1+5320: A Redback Binary MSP Candidate6.25Regular
Pineda, JaimeGBT22A-240Ions vs Neutrals in a Dense Core18Regular
Ransom, ScottGBT21B-277Long Term Timing of 64 Recycled Pulsars in Bulge Globular Clusters75Regular
Ribaudo, JosephGBT22A-430The Baryonic Tully-Fisher Relation for Galaxies with Supernova Distances132Regular
RICHARDS, DAVIDGBT22A-205Frequency correlation of synchrotron emission from the Crab Nebula and Quasars4Regular
Robishaw, TimothyGBT22A-155Magnetic Field Detection in CRRL Emission towards DR 2141Regular
Roshi, D. AnishGBT22A-334Molecule formation in the Heeschen-Riegel-Crutcher Cloud105Regular
Roth, NathanGBT22A-282Measuring NH3 and OH in a Target-of-Opportunity Comet with the GBT9.5Triggered
Salas, PedroGBT22A-269Probing the C+/C interface in the Orion Bar16.5Regular
Schmiedeke, AnikaGBT21B-297Feeding a super-critical filament in a subsonic core17.5Regular
Scibelli, SamanthaGBT22A-044High Resolution C18O ARGUS Mapping toward Prestellar Cores in Taurus2.5Regular
Singal, JackGBT19A-083How Bright is the Radio Sky? A 310 MHz Absolute Map30Regular
Sridharan, T.K.GBT22A-366Path to Precision Astrochemistry with Magnetars II – mm-wave Observations33Regular
Stark, DavidGBT22A-325Understanding diverse HI depletion times in MaNGA star forming galaxies79.25Regular
Stark, DavidGBT21B-130HI-MaNGA: HI Followup for MaNGA Galaxies309Large
Traianou, EfthaliaGMVA21B-164Moving and stationary shocks interaction after a gamma-ray flare in TXS2013+37027Regular
van den Eijnden, JakobGBT22A-335Search for radio pulsations in two high-mass X-ray binaries2.5Regular
Varenius, EskilG21C002Global VLBI observations of the starburst galaxy Arp 22036Regular
Wang, ZitengGBT22A-192Deciphering a Highly Polarized, Radio Transient Toward the Galactic Plane2Triggered