GBT Instrument Webpages and Information:

The Green Bank Telescope offers a wide-ranging suite of instrumentation. Learn more about which might be best for your research here!

Basic GBT Info/Quick Technical Facts

Spectroscopy/VEGAS — the spectral-line backend

Pulsars and Transients/VEGAS – New pulsar capabilities for VEGAS

Pulsars and Transients/GUPPI — The GUPPI support guide (pulsar backend)


JPL Radar Backend  — Notes on using new JPL radar backend

ARGUS — the 75–116 GHz 16 element focal-plane array

MUSTANG2 — 223-pixel feedhorn bolometer, the 3mm continuum bolometer array

4mm Receiver — the 68-92 GHz Receiver

VLBI with the GBT

Precision Telescope Control System  — performance of GBT antenna

Receiver Calibration Files

DSS Details


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