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Science Fair

Pocahontas County Science Fair

Did you know that students who complete science projects develop skills that are useful no matter what their later occupation? Science Fair participants learn how to develop an idea, plan an experiment, conduct that experiment. They learn how to keep a logbook, analyze data, create charts and graphs. AND they gain important communication skills! Plus, it’s just plain fun!


Green Bank Science Center


December 5, 2017 (Snow Date: December 6, 2017)


Students from grades 3rd-12th are invited to participate. Submissions from schools are capped as follows:
Hillsboro 3-5th: 20 projects
MES 3-5th: 20 projects
MMS 6-8th: 25 projects
GBEMS 3-5th: 20 projects
GBEMS 6-8th: 25 projects
High School: 20 projects

Testing windmill blades at the 2015 Science Fair.

Testing windmill blades at the 2015 Science Fair.


Looking for some good ideas? Visit www.sciencebuddies.org [1]. Make sure to review the Rules [2] and Judging_Rubric [3]! To help with project ideas and methods, the Observatory will provide mentors to visit schools twice leading up to the event. The Board of Education will provide transportation to and from the event. We are asking schools to provide bagged lunches.



Engineering meets art!

Engineering meets art!

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Questions? Contact:
Sue Ann Heatherly
Public Education Officer
Green Bank Observatory
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