02/10/2016: Production company documents life in Green Bank

Poc_Times_Feb_2016When New York production company Partisan Pictures was given the task to film and produce a three-part series about technology and the Internet, the crew searched for interesting stories to include and came across Green Bank – the small town at the center of the National Radio Quiet Zone.

It didn’t take long for Partisan Pictures president, producer, director and cinema-tographer Peter Schnall to decide Green Bank needed to be part of the project.

“As we were looking around for really cool and interesting and unusual stories about technology, we bumped into a story – online, of course – about Green Bank, and we thought, ‘how interesting,’” Schnall said. “What a sort of opposite tale to the rapid and sort of pell mell pace and changes in technology, and how it affects us on a daily basis – from cellphones to the Internet to just our daily lives inundated more and more with technological marvels and wonders to the point where, to a certain extent, it impedes on our daily life.


Published by The Pocahontas Times.  See more at: http://pocahontastimes.com/production-company-documents-life-in-green-bank/

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